Do You Have A Loved One
Who Is Nearing The End Of Life
Or Has Just Died?

We are here to help during these difficult days.

Harmonia represents a new vision in terms of funeral services. Our focus is on cremation, the paying of last respects to the deceased, and the perpetuation of their memories, instead of embalming, visitations, purchasing of caskets, and reliance on funeral homes.

We are ready to assist you any time.

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Personalized, Affordable Service

Harmonia offers funeral services with dignity, providing the bereaved with closure and the opportunity to honor the memory of the departed and choose a destination for cremated remains, without having to pay the excessively high cost of embalming, casket purchase, and funeral home visitations.

Compare our fees to those of a traditional funeral service and you’ll find Harmonia to be highly affordable.

Make the choice that’s right for you:

Memorial service in the presence of the urn Complete church funeral in the presence of the urn Final viewing at the crematorium before cremation Simple cremation with services provided by Harmonia

Please call us to discuss pricing for the service(s) you desire, and to receive a special web-based offer from Harmonia. Compare and you’ll be pleased at how much you can save with Harmonia.