Whether you are making future plans or dealing with a recent or imminent death, your Harmonia planner will give you an overview of the types of cremation arrangements available.

Choose the situation that best applies:

Simple cremation

With services provided by Harmonia

Memorial service in the presence of the urn

Last respects are paid at a public or private venue recommended by Harmonia or selected by the family, for the purpose of expressing condolences and saying farewell

Complete church funeral in the presence of the urn

The deceased is remembered and condolences expressed at a place of worship

Final viewing at the crematorium before cremation

A private observance is held to view the deceased for the last time before cremation

If you are making prearrangements with Harmonia, you’ll receive a memorial album entitled Mon mémorial, mon histoire, mon monument-mémoire. With it, you can retrace the life that you or your loved one have lived, recording for time immemorial the most important thing anyone can bequeath…the story of a life.

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