Whether you planned your funeral recently or as long as 10, 15, or even 20 years ago, your prearrangements reflect decisions based on your personal situation and the traditions and practices of the time. For instance, you may have dealt with issues like embalming, a traditional funeral home visitation, the purchase of a casket, and burial.

It’s entirely possible that your wishes are different today. Now many of us opt for funeral services that involve cremation, an intimate final visitation rather than a formal viewing, and the ability to make personalized decisions about where our cremated remains are placed.

Your original plans can be transferred, by following these steps:

  • Cancel your current
  • Cash in the refund
    you receive
  • Work with Harmonia
    to express your new
    final wishes

To learn more or request assistance from Harmonia, contact an advisor toll free at 1 866 681-9797.