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Times have changed. Many of us are living longer today. But those who are ill or aged may not want their loved ones to remember them as they appear just prior to dying—the concept of a traditional visitation simply doesn’t fit with their last wishes.

At Harmonia, we focus on providing dignified funeral services that will comfort the bereaved, honor the memory of the deceased, and respectfully provide for the disposition of cremation remains—or ashes—without the cost of embalming, purchasing a casket, or holding a funeral home visitation.

Removing The Body From The Place Of Death

Regardless of where death might occur, Harmonia takes care of transporting the deceased to the crematorium as soon as requested. We also meet with family members or those designated to be in charge, to discuss preparations for the end of life.

Final Viewing

Harmonia knows that some people may feel remorse if they cannot view a loved one after his or her death. For that reason, Harmonia can prepare the body for viewing at the crematorium, providing a final opportunity for those who wish to say their goodbyes then to do so.

Unlike a public visitation that takes place at a funeral home, this is an optional private gathering, exclusively for family and close friends who are invited to attend.


At Harmonia we advocate cremation, which involves placing the deceased’s body in an cremation casket before it is turned to ashes.

People choose cremation for many reasons.

  • Some feel it is more hygienic than allowing bodies to slowly decompose
  • Others find it more ecological, allowing space on earth to be used by the living
  • For some people, it represents purification
  • And others feel it is more in keeping with universal philosophies
  • It is also much less costly than traditional burials

One thing is certain: cremation is accepted by many denominations today and its use is becoming increasingly widespread.

The Harmonia Crematorium

After cremation, remains are placed in a temporary or permanent urn that bears the names of the deceased and the crematorium. The urn is typically presented to the person appointed to supervise funeral arrangements, or kept at the crematorium for a limited time while a decision is made regarding its final destination.

The identity of the deceased, cremation date, and disposition date and final destination of the cremated remains are recorded in registries maintained for this purpose, depending on local legal requirements.

Gathering In The Presence Of The Urn

While beliefs about death may vary among groups, families, or individuals, survivors nonetheless need the comforting closure that comes from gathering to pay their respects to the deceased.

After cremation, Harmonia encourages the bereaved to assemble in the presence of the urn, perhaps at a house of worship like a parish church or a culturally significant venue like a museum or historic site—or even on private property. Whether the preference is for a religious or nondenominational observance, Harmonia can find the site, décor, speakers, decorations, and symbols that reflect your wishes for life’s final passage.

At Harmonia, such gatherings are opportunities to express condolences, support, and sympathy, as attendees honor the memory of the departed and say their goodbyes. At Harmonia, no one goes to their final resting place in solitude.

Permanent Placement Of Cremated Remains

Choosing a resting place for cremated remains is important for both the deceased and the bereaved. Harmonia recommends that cremated remains be interred in a cemetery, cinerary park, or legally established columbarium. This makes it possible to continue the tradition of visiting the departed, which can nurture our sense of belonging to a family, group, region, or country.

However, Harmonia understands that some people may feel otherwise when it comes to cremated remains. That’s why our service offering includes scattering ashes—in a memorial garden, other outdoor setting, or Harmonia’s cinerary park—or using some of them for a memorial diamond.

Final Destinations—Options To Choose From

Urns containing cremated remains may be kept in various places depending on beliefs, legal requirements of the province of Quebec , and Harmonia ethics policies.

Where can cremated remains be placed in Quebec?

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In Any Traditional Cemetery

  • In a burial plot
  • Placed in a mausoleum‒columbarium
  • Placed in a columbarium

At The Harmonia Cinerary Park

  • Interred in a burial plot
  • Placed in a columbarium
  • Scattered in a memorial garden
  • Placed in a dedicated niche
  • Put at the base of a memory tree

In Any Columbarium Not Part Of A Cemetery

Before turning your ashes or those of a loved one over to a cemetery or columbarium that is not part of a cemetery, make sure that a perpetual maintenance fund is in place.

On Private Property

  • Interred or kept elsewhere
  • Ashes may be scattered

Scattering Of Ashes Outdoors

Oneness with nature allows us to be part of the great circle of life. Harmonia services include the scattering of ashes outdoors—whether from the air, on water, or on foot—at places throughout Quebec that are appreciated for their exceptional physical beauty, culture, ecology, or geology.

Letting the cremated remains of the deceased become one with nature is truly liberating, part of life’s great circle.

For information on scheduling and rates for the distribution of cremated remains, call our toll free number,
1 866 681-9797 to speak with a Harmonia advisor

Memorial Diamond

It has been traditional, through the centuries, for bereaved family members to be given objects, garments, tools, jewelry, or even locks of hair that belonged to their loved ones. With today’s modern technology, cremated remains can be used to produce memorial diamonds.

In this patented process, residual carbon is extracted from remains in a laboratory and transformed into a stone that is molecularly identical to a natural diamond. The cremated remains may be those of someone who has just died, or who passed away recently. Cremated remains can be exhumed or removed from a funeral urn for this purpose, with authorization from the family and competent authorities where the burial site is located, if needed.

This process is marketed by LifeGem, and Harmonia has held distribution rights for it in Quebec and New Brunswick since 2002.

Your close ties to your loved one are a priceless legacy—preserve them with a memorial diamond.

For details, including information on colors and carats, contact a Harmonia advisor toll free at 1 866 681-9797.

Helpful Information

Ashes may be dispersed anywhere other than public thoroughfares.

Whatever the intent with regard to cremated remains—whether they should be preserved, interred, or scattered on private property or elsewhere—an advance directive should be part of your Harmonia prearrangements or cremation will.

That way, cremated remains will always be traceable, as Harmonia maintains a permanent registry of the deceased, even those whose arrangements have been handled by other providers.

Before turning your cremated remains or those of a loved one over to a cemetery or columbarium that is not part of a cemetery, ensure that it has a perpetual maintenance fund.

Paying Tribute To Perpetuate The Memory Of The Deceased

Our earthly lives may cease, but we leave behind impressions, images, and memories. This vast repository of memories helps our loved ones remain alive in our hearts. Remembrance soothes the pain of death and helps us go on with our lives.

Harmonia has developed various approaches to providing support for the bereaved, including new ways to perpetuate the memory of those we cherish: